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Custom Fireplace Screens

At Fireplace Treatments, we specialize in screens that are custom made to fit any size, shape or style of fireplace. If your fireplace is unusual in any way, we can make a screen for it. Extra large, very small, arched or multi-sided are no problem. We also specilize in very high end luxurious styles, so if you are searching for the perfect screen, we can make it for you. We look forward to seeing your fireplace and designing the perfect screen. Send us your fireplace pictures and Get A Quote Here!

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Vintage Fireplace Screens & Accessories

Discover how Traditional fireplaces are decorated with Vintage Style fireplace screens and accessories. See clippings from old Turn of the Century fireplace accessory catalogs and find out we can reproduce these looks today.

Learn how Andirons, Fenders, Screens and Fireplace Tools are essential when creating an authentic Traditional fireplace design.

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Fireplace Glass Doors

Glass doors are probably the most popular choice today because they provide the ultimate protection and efficiency for your fireplace. The main advantage of glass doors is you can close them when the fire is dying out, which not only provides security when you retire for the evening, but blocks the cold air from coming down your chimney all night and locks the warm air in your room. Some municipalities actually require any newly constructed fireplace to have glass doors just because of the energy savings.

Sizing: Although some places sell stock size glass doors that will fit various fireplace dimensions, they usually have very wide unattractive frames so that they can overlap and fit a variety of fireplace openings. We specialize in custom sizes that have much narrower and attractive frames made to fit your fireplace perfectly.

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Single Panel Fireplace Screens

Single panel screens, also referred to as spark arrestors, are a very popular choice second only to glass doors. These screens fit relatively flat to the fireplace and provide excellent spark protection. Although they do not have the added advantage of blocking air from coming in and out of your home, they do provide excellent security when you go to bed at night. Single panel screens are often accompanied by matching andirons and fireplace tools as you see in the example here to create a finished decorative and functional look.

Sizing: The ideal size for a spark arrestor is typically 1" wider on each side and 1" taller than the fireplace opening. There are many resources for standard size screens, but they rarely fit to the ideal dimension and may look odd in front of your fireplace. We will custom make your flat screen to fit the perfectly so it not only looks great, but functions well.

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Sliding Mesh Curtain Screens

Mesh curtain screens were very popular in the 1950s-1980s before glass doors were invented. The most common being a "Bar & Mesh", which was usually a polished brass bar across the top of the opening that held a curtain rod from which the mesh hung. This type of screen is still being made, although more commonly we use a more decorative 3 or 4 sided frame screen like you see in the example. The styles and finishes available for this type of screen are immense. Because these types of screens have to be custom made, they are not commonly considered as many people are not aware of the decorative value they can add to your fireplace. They are quite functional as they provide excellent spark protection, and like glass doors, they are convenient because you simply slide the mesh open to tend to the fire without having to pick anything up and set it aside.

Sizing: A bar & mesh typically fits inside the opening and mounts to the lintel, which is the steel bar beneath the top row of bricks. A Frame screen will usually overlap the opening about 1/2" or so depending on the type of facing. Once we see pictures of your fireplace we will tell you how to measure for a proper fit. If there is anything unusual about your fireplace, we may create a measuring diagram using your photo to eliminate any confusion.

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Arched Fireplace Screens

Arched fireplaces almost always require a custom made screen because every arch has a different shape. In many cases a template is required in order to get the proper curve. Not to worry, making arched screens is one of our greatest specialties and our experts will help you get your template made so your screen looks great.

Sizing: The ideal size for an screen is typically 1" wider on each side and 1" taller than the fireplace opening. Standard size screens rarely fit arched fireplaces.

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Solid Brass Fireplace Screens

For centuries, the highest quality and most luxurious fireplace screens have been made from solid brass. Although we are showing a single panel screen in a polished brass finish here, we can make any of the various types of screens shown on this page from solid brass in a myriad of finish choices such as bronze, silver, brushed nickel, black and so on.

Sizing: Our solid brass screens can be made in all of the types shown on this page, so follow the sizing guidelines for the type of screen you want, whether it be a single panel screen, folding screen, glass door, etc.

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Ledge Screens

Fireplaces raised in the wall are sometimes difficult to treat, particularly if you prefer a free standing screen. Our unique "Ledge" attaches to the bottom of the opening providing a surface to set a free standing screen or andirons in front of the fireplace where it would otherwise not be possible. It also creates an interesting design element turning your fireplace into more of a focal point (if that's what you want). It's also a great solution if you are adding glass doors and have a row of brick at the bottom that needs to be hidden. The ledge opens up more possibilities for you to use your imagination.

Sizing: Custom made to accommodate the type of screen or other treatment you prefer.

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Bowed or Curved Fireplace Screens

Bowed or curved fireplace screens are a lesser know type of screen because they are generally not mass produced and sold by mass merchants, so people are less familiar with them. You can use this to your advantage because they really provide excellent functionality while adding a groovy look to your fireplace. Unlike single panel screens, these screens do not sit flat to the fireplace so they should be made a little taller and wider to prevent sparks from jumping out over them. Bowed screens are particularly useful in front of gas fireplaces where you want to hide the black metal as in this example. They also look great with andirons (not shown here).

Sizing: We recommend going about 3 to 4 inches above the opening, and do the same on the sides just to keep things looking proportional. However, there is more flexibility in design here, so we can modify the size recommendations depending on the overall dimensions of the fireplace.

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Fireplace Screen Doors

Free standing fireplace screens with doors are becoming very popular. Just like single panel screens, these sit flat against the fireplace. The doors give them added functionality because you do not need to move the screen out of the way to tend the fire, you simply open the doors. Because they are not attached to the fireplace like a glass door, they are a bit unstable and you need to be careful opening the doors so that you do not pull the screen over. This is really only an issue with larger size fireplaces where the screen may be top-heavy.

Sizing: We usually recommend making the screen overlap the opening 1" on the top and sides. To prevent the screen from being too unstable we limit the size of the doors to 40" Wide x 30" Tall and add fixed panels to any screen that is over that size. The example shown here has fixed side panels because the fireplace is extra wide.

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Free Standing Glass Fireplace Screens

Glass fireplace screens can create a very enticing contemporary look but have some serious limitations that you must consider. For starters, they are not safe to use when burning wood because a single piece of glass this large cannot handle the heat and will most likely shatter into small projectiles. They can only be used with a gas fire and even then, care must be taken to ensure the glass is at least 8 to 10 inches in front of the fire. The reason is, a single piece of glass this large can shatter if it gets too hot. They are also not safe if you have small children or pets who might knock them over. Glass doors do not have these issues because they are attached to the fireplace and size of each glass pane is small enough to handle the heat.

Sizing: Because a glass screen is not used functionally to block sparks, there is no specific recommended size other than what looks good. Generally, they would be made a couple inches smaller or larger than the opening. We suggest you Email Us Pictures Of Your Fireplace along with the dimensions so we can recommend a suitable size.

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Folding Fireplace Screens

Folding screens come in 3-fold, 4-fold and 5-fold designs and have been used for hundreds of years. 3-fold is by far the most popular and most commonly used in both casual and formal traditional settings. Some styles can also be made for more contemporary or rustic decor. Just like a curved fireplace screen, they provide excellent spark protection as long as they are tall enough to prevent sparks from flying over the top. One consideration is that a folding screen will take up bit more room on the hearth as it sets further away from the opening than a flat screen, which is why flat screens seem to be more popular.

Sizing: To properly size 3 fold screen we make the center panel 75% of the opening width and the side panels 25%. The screen should be 3 to 4 inches taller than the fireplace opening or at least 30" tall. For fireplaces over 36" tall it is okay to make the screen shorter than the opening if it is visually acceptable that way. This is another case where we suggest you Email Us Pictures Of Your Fireplace and dimensions so we can make an appropriate recommendation or maybe even create some mockups.

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Boston Spark Guards & Nursery Fenders

Boston spark guards are an age old design that is extremely functional but not so decorative. They provide excellent spark protection since there is no way for sparks to jump over the top. Spark guards are most often used in rustic settings such as a log cabin or lodge. If you have a more formal or contemporary room a Nursery Fender would be a more appropriate choice as they are much more decorative and have more design options.

Sizing: A boston spark guard only needs to be 1" larger than the opening on the top and sides to provide ample spark protection. The size we recommend will depend more on the proportions of the opening to the rest of the fireplace as well as how the hearth is constructed. As with any other custom screen, we will want to see pictures of your fireplace to make recommendations.

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Multi-Sided and Corner Fireplace Screens

L-shaped corner fireplaces like the one pictured here as well as 3 and 4 sided fireplaces all require specialized custom fireplace screens. Although most of the screens you see on this page can be made to fit multi-sided fireplaces, glass doors and sliding mesh curtains are the most popular. The picture here shows a free standing screen with a 90 degree fixed corner, but can be made with a piano hinge to make it easier to move around. You can see examples of other options on our Corner Fireplace Screens Page Here!

Sizing: Every corner fireplace is different and will have it's own limitations as to which type of screen is most practical and how it should fit. If you have a mult-sided fireplace, it is best if you simply Email Us Pictures Of Your Fireplace so we can provide further insights and recommendations.

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Outdoor Fireplace Screens & Doors

Screens used for outdoor fireplaces require special materials in order to prevent rust and degradation from the elements. Stainless steel, solid brass and zinc coated wrought iron are the best and we offer various types of screens and doors made from these materials. You can see examples of other options on our Outdoor Fireplace Screens & Doors Page!

Sizing: Most of the types of screens shown above can be made for outdoor fireplaces, so the sizing will depend on the type of screen you choose.

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"I have a passion for designing custom fireplace treatments, and have been doing so for over 35 years. The designs I create are not only tailored to fit perfectly, but fashioned to compliment your room decor and turn your fireplace into a tastefully finished focal point. Take advantage of my Free Design Service and let me show you the possibilities."

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