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Custom Fireplace Spark Guards

Boston spark guards are one of the oldest style fireplace screens from colonial times. Nursery fenders with screens are a type of spark guard that is less commonly known and can create a unique look while providing excellent spark protection, particularly when there are children in the home. We normally make these screens about 2" wider on each side and 2" taller than the opening.

Affordable Boston Spark Guards

Pilgrim is is an affordable brand that is well known for their Boston Spark Guards. These are made with wire mesh wrapped around steel rods and have a bowed top, so you have 100% protection from sparks. They are not as heavy duty as those made by Stone Manufacturing below, but they are light weight and easy to move about, which is a consideration when dealing with larger fireplaces. These screens are not recommended for use outdoors.

SG Spark Guard
From Price: $495
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SGI Spark Guard
From Price: $695
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Stone Manufacturing Spark Guards

These Spark Guards are all hand crafted by the skilled artisans at Stone Manufacturing. Most are made from solid brass and are very high end with prices starting in the $2500.00 range. These can be made for outdoor fireplaces. View the many Decorative Trims and Finishes From Stone Manufacturing that can be used to create unique custom designs that are not shown here.

Stone Manufacturing Finishes and Trims
AR-SG10 Spark Guard Solid Brass
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AR-SG10M Bowler Hat Spark Guard Solid Brass
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AR-SG10M Camel Back Solid Brass
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WI-SG30M Spark Guard
Wrought Iron
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WI-SG30M Spark Guard
Medium Wrought Iron
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EC 05 Nursery Fender
Laser Cut Steel
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ursery Fender Solid Brass
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NP30M Solid Brass
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