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Steel Fireplace Doors

Steel fireplace doors are the most popular when it comes to custom made doors. Most of these are laser cut, so there are a lot more options than with the aluminum doors. They are very heavy duty and rugged, making them a better choice if your fireplace gets a lot of use. To see any of these doors on your fireplace, request a FREE Mockup

Design Specialties has a large selection of great quality steel fireplace doors. They are all laser cut to fit and available in a variety of high temperature powder coat finishes. What sets them aside is the fact that you can burn a fire with the doors closed.

Carolina (Masonry/ZC)
1 1/2, 2" or 2 1/2" Frame | From: $1485
Carolina Window Pane (Masonry/ZC)
1 1/2, 2" or 2 1/2" Frame | From: $1635
Carolina Mission Pane (Masonry/ZC)
1 1/2, 2" or 2 1/2" Frame | From: $1635
Carolina Sunrise Pane (Masonry/ZC)
1 1/2, 2" or 2 1/2" Frame | From: $1635
Carolina Arch Pane (Masonry/ZC)
1 1/2, 2" or 2 1/2" Frame | From: $1735
Carolina Sq. Arch (Masonry/ZC)
1 1/2, 2" or 2 1/2" Frame | From: $1635
Legend Rectangle (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $2035
Legend All Glass (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $2035
Essex (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $1805
Legend Round (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $2435
Legend Elite (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $2035
Banded Scroll (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $2530
Original Moderne (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $1960
Slim Modern (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $1960
Mantel (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $2265
Oak Tree (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $2265
Odyssey (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $1820
Mustang Encounter (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $2895

Hearth Creations Flat Steel doors are highly customizable and are made from 3/16" thick laser cut steel. The width of the frame can be anywhere from 1 1/4" to whatever is needed. These doors can be made to overlap the facing on prefab fireplaces by adding 1/4" spacers on the back of the frame or cutting 1/4" slots into the frame itself to allow proper airflow into the fireplace and prevent overheating. Choose from a wide variety of finishes or combinations of finishes as well as frame trims, door trims and hardware. Below are just a few examples.

Flat Steel
Custom Hardware (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $1625
Flat Steel
Door Trim (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $1825
Flat Steel
Full Trim (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $2025
Flat Steel
Narrow White (Masonry/ZC)
Custom Frame | From: $1625

Stone Manufacturing is a luxury brand for those who desire the finest quality regardless of the cost. Each door is meticulously hand crafted by skilled artisans from either steel or solid brass. They offer a wide selection of porprietary finishes and unique patinas. Their custom capabilities are boundless and the finished product as good as it gets.

Craftsman Special
From: $4995.00
DF2M w/Rivets
From: $4500.00
From: $5100.00
DF6M w/Rivets
From: $4495.00
EDGE-HH Folding Cabinet
From: $3160.00
EC-01DF Single Door w/Side Panels
From: $6895.00
From: $3160.00
DF1M w/Double Wire Mesh
From: $5800.00
DF1M Pseudo Clearview
From: $5800.00
DF2M w/Special Handles
From: $3295.00
HH-FL Hidden Hinge
From: $2750.00
HHFL Hidden Hinge w/Side Panels
From: $3895.00
HH-RD Hidden Hinge Round Frame
From: $2950.00

Message From The Designer

"I have a passion for designing custom fireplace treatments, and have been doing so for over 35 years. The designs I create are not only tailored to fit perfectly, but fashioned to compliment your room decor and turn your fireplace into a tastefully finished focal point. Take advantage of my Free Design Service and let me show you the possibilities."

Greg Tillotson (Owner/Designer)

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