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Wrought Iron and Forged Iron Fireplace Doors

Our forged fireplace doors take the steel door to a different level. Some of these doors require a skilled blacksmith to create the look and textures that you see. Doors like these look best on rock or brick fireplaces, although when done in the right finish, will flatter a marble or tile fireplace just as well. These doors are pricier than our other steel doors because of level of craftsmanship required to make them.. To see any of these doors on your fireplace, request a FREE Mockup

Black Rock (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2575
Craftsman (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2280
Hammered Edge (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2245
Hudson Barn Door (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2460
Armada (Masonry & ZC)
From: $3410
Madrid (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2575
Napa Valley (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2710

Hearth Creations Forged Iron style doors are made from laser cut steel with unique designs and hammered texture. These doors can be made for both masonry and prefabricated fireplaces. 1/4" spacers are added to the back of the frame or 1/4" slots are cut into the frame when being made for prefab fireplaces to allow proper airflow to prevent overheating. Choose from a wide variety of finishes or combinations of finishes as well as frame trims, door trims and hardware. Below are just a few examples.

Industrial Age 1
Industrial Age 1 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2095.00
Industrial Age 2
Industrial Age 2 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2204.00
Industrial Age 3
Industrial Age 3 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $3834.00
Industrial Age 4
Industrial Age 4 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2734.00
Iron Age 1
Iron Age 1 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2204.00
Iron Age 2
Iron Age 2 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2204.00
Iron Age 2 Rustic WP
Iron Age 2 Rustic WP (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2449.00
Iron Age 3
Iron Age 3 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2204.00
Iron Age 4
Iron Age 4 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2204.00
Iron Age 5
Iron Age 5 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $2204.00
Iron Age 6 Keystone & Rail
Iron Age 6 (Masonry & ZC)
From: $3483.00
Iron Age 6 Square Arch
Iron Age 6 Plain (Masonry & ZC)
From: $4088.00
Iron Age 6 Plain
Iron Age 6 Sq/Arch (Masonry & ZC)
From: $4088.00

Stone Manufacturing
Hand Forged Wrought Iron Fireplace Doors

These fireplace doors are all hand crafted from Wrought Iron by skilled artisans at Stone Manufacturing. They can be made with glass or wire mesh or both and come in a variety of hand applied finishes. Each door is custom designed to fit your fireplace and modifications the designs are possible.

WI-DF1M w/Partial Leaf & Ball Scroll
From: $7995.00
WI-DF1M w/Surround
From: $7995.00
WI-EDGE Camleback Arch
From: $7995.00
WI-DF2M Contemporary Arch
From: $5895.00
WI-DF1M Grapevine #1
From: $8500.00
WI-DF1M Grapevine #2
From: $8500.00
WI-DF1M Border Scroll
From: $8500.00
From: $5600.00
WI-DF2M w/Fleur De Lis
From: $7995.00
WI-DF1G w/Full Scroll
From: $8995.00
WI-DF1G Contemporary Wrought Iron
From: $5495.00
WI-DF1G Craftsman Wrought Iron
From: $6995.00
WI-DF1G Square Hinges
From: $5600.00
WI-DF1M EDGE Leaf & Scroll
From: $7995.00
WI-DF1M Chateau Scroll
From: $8995.00
WI-DF1M Medieval-1
From: $9200.00
WI-DF1M Medieval-2
From: $9200.00
WI-DF1M Medieval-3 (Diamond)
From: $9200.00
WI-DF1M w/Antique Medallion
From: $20,000.00
WI-DF1M Single Door w/Sides
From: $7600.00
WI-DF1M w/Oak Leaf Scroll
From: $8995.00

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