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The Most Realistic Gas Logs Ever

The Lava Series: Featuring GlowFire™ Technology, with Burners Embedded Inside The Logs

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The Best Gas Logs On The Market

The Flames Come Out Of The Logs Just Like Real Wood!

Grand Canyon Gas Logs is proud to introduce the GlowFire™ log technology as part of the Lava vented burner series. The FIRST gas log system to successfully integrate the burner tubes inside the logs. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece gives the look and the feel of the log on fire, because it is! Each log is individually orificed and ported allowing the fuel to flow out of the log presenting the most realistic gas log set on the market. The revolutionary technology presents ultra-realistic style and design to the traditional gas log set. GlowFire™ log technology also allows for increased efficiency by using less BTU's and creating a fuller more robust flame effect. The ceramic refractory logs radiate more heat out into the room compared to a traditional concrete gas log set. Available with either on/off or variable flame electronic remote controls. If you can afford the very best, this is the gas log for you.

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