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INDOOR Grand Canyon Arizona Weathered Oak Gas Logs

These realistic looking gas logs are molded from wood found in the Red Vermilion Cliffs near the Arizona/Utah border.

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Standard Sizes: 18" to 60"
Indoor or Outdoor, Standard or See-Thru

Difference Between 2-Burner and 3-Burner

These particular Grand Canyon Gas Logs have 2 burner options: The 2-Burner, or double burner, is shorter and more often used in zero clearance fireplaces. The 3-Burner, or triple burner, is a little taller more often used in masonry fireplaces. You can use either burner regardless of the fireplace as long as it meets the Minimum Fireplace Dimensions Below. Either burner is available with the control types listed further below.


2-Burner Double Burner for ZC or Short Fireplaces


3-Burner Triple Burner for Taller or Masonry Fireplaces

About The Control Types

Match Light Burner

Match-light systems do not have a safety pilot. To operate the burner, you turn on the gas and light the fire manually with a long lighter or match. Match-light burners are not allowed in some states or cities. Be sure to check with your local building department before you buy a match-light gas log.

Manual On/Off Safety Pilot With Knob

A Manual safety pilot has a knob that you push in to light the pilot just like older style wall heaters. Once the pilot is lit, you can adjust the flame height manually using the knob.

2On/Off Remote Millivolt Safety Pilot

The Millivolt safety pilot is operated by a remote control with on/off function. There is no flame adjustment.

Adjustable Flame Remote Millivolt Safety Pilot

This Millivolt safety pilot is operated by a remote control with the ability to adjust the flame height with the remote control.

On/Off Remote Electronic Ignition Safety Pilot

The battery operated electronic ignition system has no standing pilot, so it saves on gas. The pilot lights with the remote control, which has an on/off function. There is no flame adjustment.

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Available Sizes

18" Weathered Oak
21" Weathered Oak
24" Weathered Oak
30" Weathered Oak
36" Weathered Oak
42" Weathered Oak
48" Weathered Oak
60" Weathered Oak

Custom Jumbo Sizes are also available in: 36", 42", 48" and 60". Jumbo logs are much larger and more robust and require special Jumbo burners (Call for details).

The Story Behind These Logs

Forty years ago, a young boy was hiking through the Red Vermilion Cliffs on the Arizona-Utah border when him and his family came across a scrub oak that had been struck down by Mother Nature. The sheer awe and beauty of this lighting struck oak would leave a lifelong impression on the young boy’s mind. In October of 2011, the same scrub oak was rediscovered laying in the same spot that it had been 40 years earlier – only more beautiful than ever. The boy, now a man with a family of his own, backpacked the logs of the fallen oak out of the canyon to be casted, painted, and enjoyed in your home today.

About Grand Canyon Gas Logs

Our expertly crafted, ultra-realistic gas logs and larger than life flames are designed to elevate any indoor or outdoor environment, creating an unforgettable ambiance reminiscent of gathering around the campfire. Make your hearth the centerpiece of your home with Grand Canyon Gas Logs. Established in 2013, Grand Canyon Gas Logs was created to bring handcrafted quality, hyper-realistic designs, and American-made manufacturing back to the hearth industry's gas log market. Employing over 30 years of industry knowledge to foster innovation in an ever-evolving landscape. Earning the brand a highly-regarded reputation for their boutique practices and positioning Grand Canyon as the "craft beer" of the gas log industry.

All Vented logs manufactured by Grand Canyon Gas Logs are individually cast and hand painted to perfection. All logs are built with a high temperature concrete, ceramic refractory, and stainless steel fiber mesh. Logs installed indoors carry a lifetime warranty and logs that are installed outside carry a 5-year warranty.

Detailed Resources

Configuring your gas logs is a bit complicated, which is why we custom order every log set. You are welcome to explore these resources and try to figure it out yourself, but it is best if you simply Contact Us to Get a Quote.

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