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Arched Fireplace Doors - Custom Made

Updated: 2/3/2024

Arched fireplace doors are our specialty. Every arch door is custom made to fit the curve of your fireplace. There are many different options for materials, styles and finishes. To get a quote, please send some pictures of your fireplace by Follow The Instructions Here for Sending Pictures. There are many more options than what you see below, so send us your pictures and we will provide you with some great ideas and create some mockups for you.

Hearth Creations

Hearth Creations is a premium line of doors made in a wide variety of styles. Below are some examples of doors that are made in an arch. These are laser cut and the width of the frame can be modified to your needs.

Flat Steel (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $2100
Flat Steel (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $2100
Flat Steel (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $2100
Industrial Age 1 (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $2344
Iron Age 4 (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $2600
Iron Age 6 (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $3500
Iron Age 6 (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $3500
Stainless Steel (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $3600

Design Specialties

Design Specialties is a popular brand for custom fireplace doors. These are completely custom, laser cut from solid steel with frames that can be made to any width.

Black Rock Arch (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $2800
Legend Plain Arch (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $2305
Legend Arch W. Pane (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $2455
Buckingham Arch (Masonry Only)
Custom Made From: $2395

Stone Manufacturing

Stone Manufacturing is a very exclusive high end company that hand makes fireplace doors. Most of their doors can be made in an arch to fit your fireplace. These are made from Solid Brass, Steel and Wrought Iron in a wide variety of finishes. These doors have such a wide variety of materials, finishes and options priced between $2500.00 to $7500.00+. These are just a few examples. For more options, most of our rectangular Forged Iron and solid brass fireplace doors can also be made with an arch.

Craftsman 2 Arched
Craftsman 2 Arch
DF2M Shown With WI-T6 Toledo Fireset And AR-AN13 Wellington Andirons
DF2M Arch w/Accessories
DF2M Single Door With Ar Sa10 Overlay Ornaments And Side Panels
DF2M-SA10 Embellished Arch
DF2M Special Handles
DF2M Arch w/Special Handles
DF2M With Piano Hinges
DF2M Piano Hinge Arch
DF3M With 99 Wave Scroll Casting Overlay
DF3M Wave Scroll Arch
DF4G With 36 Oakleaf Casting Overlay And Orn 9 Ornament
DF4G Oak Leaf Arch
DF4M Single Door
DF4M Single Door
DF4M With Base Notch
DF4M With Base Notch
DF6G-CVBF With 22 Laurel Leaf Casting Overlay With Concealed Vent
DF6G-CVBF Laurel Leaf Arch
DF6M Pseudo Arch With 99 Wave Scroll Casting Overlay
DF6M Wave Scroll Arch
DF6M With Rivets
DF6M With Rivets
DF7M Pseudo French Mantel Arch
DF7M French Mantel Arch
EC-DF Arched B
EC-DF Arched B
Edge-HH Gate Style Variation With 48 Floral Casting Doors
EDGE-HH Floral Casting Arch
Edge-HH Gate Style With 22 Laurel Leaf Casting Doors 66 Bellini Casting Inner Frames
EDGE HH Bellini Arch
DF1M Arched Fireplace Door With Partial Leaf and Ball Scroll with Custom Corners
DF1M Arched Corners
EDGE Gate Mesh Fireplace Door with Camelback Arch and Leaf Scroll
EDGE Gate Arch
DF2M Contemporary Arched Fireplace Door
DF2M Arch

Large Arched Fireplace Doors

Large fireplaces often require special doors like the one above that have fixed end panels. We can make doors to fit almost any size fireplace with this design.

Popular Custom Options

Here are some of the many options avialble for custom arched fireplace doors. Each of these options has it's specific up-charge. Call for pricing.

  • Twin Doors or Full-Fold Bifold Doors
  • Two-Toned Door (outer frame different than inner frame)
  • Overlap or Inside Fit
  • Mesh Curtains or Gate Mesh Backup Doors
  • Variety of Finish and Handle Choices
  • 1/4" Fully Tempered Clear, Bronze or Gray Glass w/Lifetime Warranty
  • 1/2" or 1" Beveled Glass (vertical edges)
  • Fixed Side Panels (for large fireplaces)
  • Tight Fitting Doors
  • Center Vertical Stiles
  • Key Locked Doors
  • Custom Door Patterns
  • Quick Mount System
  • Hammered Edges
  • 8" Twist or Wildfire Handles
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Mesh curtains
  • Stainless Steel Gate Mesh

Message From The Designer

"I have a passion for designing custom fireplace treatments, and have been doing so for over 35 years. The designs I create are not only tailored to fit perfectly, but fashioned to compliment your room decor and turn your fireplace into a tastefully finished focal point. Take advantage of my Free Design Service and let me show you the possibilities."

Greg Tillotson (Owner/Designer)

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